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At Argus Research Group, we aim to provide our clients with safety strategies, tailored risk and investigative solutions that help them successfully navigate through the unique individual challenges we face in today's climate. Argus Research Group has established a diverse network of Investigative and Interview Consultants, HR Consultants, and Safety Advisors that allow us to deliver comprehensive and reliable results. 


As business owners, we understand that while our industry and market climates continue to evolve, we need to develop new ideas and concepts under new business objectives and commitments with new and existing clients. As businesses continue to grow along with the need to comply with regulatory and legislative requirements within our respective markets, there is a need to make revisions and amendments concerning how we operate.  In some cases, with a small to medium-size business, the company’s policy and procedure amendments can often happen very rapidly. And this could come with some negative residual effects that could end up costing an employee their rights and perhaps causing the employer and employee to spend unwanted time in a legal dispute. This may also cause stress and tension in and outside of the workplace. 


Our objective is to build strong reliable networks and find the next innovative strategy to support you, your employees, and your business while you grow, and stay ahead of the curve. For our clients, the most effective way forward is with the support of a loyal and diverse team of safety, human resources, investigation, and legal professionals. Our carefully selected teams can meticulously review policies, procedures, and perform regular Human Resources, and Health and Safety check-ups to ensure both the employer and the employee are effectively informed and prepared.

Argus Research Group will also support you and your business as a fair, impartial, and reliable third party, should you have to navigate through a workplace incident or investigation. As a licensed and insured investigations agency in the province of Ontario, we understand the value, and necessity of privileged and confidential work product, and personal information. This is why our investigators are professionally trained and provincially licensed, appropriately selected for the task, supported by, and often recommended by legal professionals. 


Investigations can often be the result of a suspicion verified in some capacity that there may be fraudulent activity,  an unreported/covered up violation of a set of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, act, code, procedure, a breach of the governing criteria and/or that an agreement/contract was violated. Although a background inquiry may have helped prevent such activity, a thorough investigation into the subject matter will help you identify reliable facts, determine cause, and provide you with solutions to assist you as you move forward.


The investigations will also help you and your business reinforce your risk management and continuity plan, using what is known as an intelligence profile. Your intelligence profile is then continuously monitored and will serve as a well-calibrated forecasting instrument that assists you in understanding trends within your business and developing a more proactive approach. Therefore, saving you money in legal costs and lost time, while reducing risk, and supporting a well informed, safe, healthy, and productive workplace.


ARG can provide you with a wide variety of full-service packages that will meet all of your needs, or we can offer you single service files that are focused on one specific objective. You need a strategy, we have solutions, you get results. That’s the ARG way!

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At ARG we build and sustain a professional relationship with clients inspiring growth, and provide the necessary information to make informed decisions in today’s market while remaining confident in the accuracy of our product.

We have gained our knowledge and experience through years of exposure in the following subject matters as front line workers, leaders, consultants, and personal advisors.

  • Conducting regulatory inspections in various construction sectors, including railroad track engineering, rules respecting track safety, Canadian Rail Operating Rules, Part II of the Canada Labour Code, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects
  • Rail transportation critical infrastructure safety training
  • Conducting incident investigations and collaborating in various SIU inquiries
  • Surveillance 
  • Security and vulnerability assessments
  • Search and rescue training and operational deployments 
  • Consultations with respect to the development of emergency preparedness and response plans 
  • Providing mitigation and resilience strategies
  • Locating witnesses, respondents, and claimants for interviews/statements
  • Process serving, also known as Service of Process
  • Conducting investigative interviews


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We offer our Investigations and Risk Solutions  services to our customers throughout the golden horseshoe, the greater Toronto area, as well as King Township, Peel, Durham, and York region(s), Kawarthas, and Northumberland County. We are also known to travel to other regions such as the Muskokas, greater Sudbury district, and other northern regions of Ontario, even into Manitoba. These areas include Sault Ste Marie, Timmins, Folyet, Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, Nikina, Winnipeg, and beyond. 

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- Litigation Support
- Litigation Support